by Circadian Frequency

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Decisions are made and carried out using force.
This is our last chance to go further.



Looking back a year or two ago
younger minds
brighter times
our trip to eden takes its toll

With fear on my horizon steady
where it lands and where it goes
in the end I'll come to know

In the darkened age
when the tides have changed
and the winds have died within our sails
sinking fast and ill prepared
we're falling down

I cry out loud for another trip
Climb aboard this sinking ship

We're going down
We’re falling down

Last stand
And let this be over
A chance to go further

These seams have ripped apart
right from the start
we need to abandon
unseen unheard

Frustrations plaguing me
now others see
the need to abandon
unleashed unlearned

Wasted are the days
spent on a friend
patience for the dream
has come to end

Couldn’t care how far we’ll get to see
present time, losing mind
they shut us in and we stole the keys

Mustn’t speak of such rebellion
who we are is how we’re told
inner thoughts they’ll never know

Down the hall and through the gates
smashed the guard right in his face
took his badge and then his keys
cleaned that blood so no one sees

I’ll take the front you take the back
snap the valve and flood the hatch
search the switch to purge the lines
patience man youre running out of time

Oh yes you are youre running out of time
I hear the sirens as theyre singing in my head

Last stand
And let this be over
A chance to go further

Last stand
A chance to go further


released March 31, 2013




Circadian Frequency Mantua Township, New Jersey

A self-reliant,
three pieced attack
on your native
Our sounds in three words:
More saga than song.
We write comic inspired,
episodic chapters.
are released in the order
they are discovered.
Publicly displayed
as often as possible
without pause or hesitation.
Consult your manuals
for the next appearance.
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